housefront2.jpg (297220 bytes) housefront3.jpg (312023 bytes) housefront1.jpg (327789 bytes)
hallway2.jpg (302212 bytes)
Front Entryway
hallway3.jpg (227502 bytes)
Front Entryway
hallway1.jpg (272064 bytes)
Front Entryway
office1.jpg (326841 bytes)
Scott's Office
office2.jpg (277792 bytes)
Scott's Office
Captainswalk1.jpg (243725 bytes)
Front steps
dining1.jpg (349232 bytes)
Dining Room
dining2.jpg (318183 bytes)
Dining Room
kitchen1.jpg (324005 bytes)
kitchen2.jpg (268153 bytes)
great1.jpg (328753 bytes)
Great Room
great2.jpg (232527 bytes)
Great Room
closet1.jpg (233561 bytes)
Hall Closet
office3.jpg (234189 bytes)
Donna's Office
Captainswalk3.jpg (302630 bytes)
Captain's Walk

Captain's walk over looking the Great Room
Captainswalk2.jpg (119478 bytes)
Captain's walk
Captainswalk4.jpg (114973 bytes)
Captain's walk
master3.jpg (139152 bytes)
Master Bedroom
master2.jpg (269172 bytes)
One of two Master Bedroom walk-ins
master1.jpg (239621 bytes)
Vaulted ceiling and plant ledge
bath1.jpg (239874 bytes)
Master Bath
bath2.jpg (217606 bytes)
2nd Walk-in and powder room (with phone)
bath3.jpg (272244 bytes)
Master Bath
guest2.jpg (230496 bytes)
Guest Room
guest1.jpg (227234 bytes)
Guest Room
megan1.jpg (265748 bytes)
Megan's Room
megan3.jpg (368475 bytes)
View from Megan's Window
megan4.jpg (376095 bytes)
View from Megan's Window
megan5.jpg (361650 bytes)
View from Megan's Window
heather4.jpg (290918 bytes)
Heather's Room
heather3.jpg (268882 bytes)
Heather's Room
heather1.jpg (225921 bytes)
Heather's Room
heather2.jpg (325480 bytes)
View from Heather's Side Window
heather5.jpg (396881 bytes)
View from Heather's Back Window
heather6.jpg (383704 bytes)
View from Heather's Back Window
jackjill1.jpg (161255 bytes)
Jack and Jill Bath
jackjill2.jpg (225846 bytes)
Jack and Jill Bath
jackjill3.jpg (125936 bytes)
Jack and Jill Bath
bonus1.jpg (252780 bytes)
Bonus Room
bonus2.jpg (276835 bytes)
Bonus Room
backstair1.jpg (207442 bytes)
Back Stairs
garage1.jpg (259630 bytes)
3 car garage
garage2.jpg (246145 bytes)
3 car garage
garage3.jpg (293801 bytes)
3 car garage
backyard2.jpg (427332 bytes)
Back Yard
backyard1.jpg (324623 bytes)
Back of house
houseback.jpg (317768 bytes)
You can paint the trim
mudcloset.jpg (130407 bytes)
Mud Closet
Heathercooking.jpg (286176 bytes)
Heather Cooking her 1st cheese soufflé
Heathercooking2.jpg (248701 bytes)
Heather eating her 1st cheese soufflé
lowerlevel4.jpg (306976 bytes)
Lower Level before
lowerlevel5.jpg (340538 bytes)
lowerlevel6.jpg (298904 bytes)
Lower Level before
lowerlevel2.jpg (327902 bytes)
Lower Level before
lowerlevel3.jpg (297032 bytes)
Lower Level before
lowerlevel1.jpg (311456 bytes)
Lower Level before
tl01.jpg (274219 bytes)
Lower Level Entry
(The glass lets you know it's the Terrace Level and gives a welcome inviting effect.)
tl02.jpg (257913 bytes)
Stairway with night light
tl03.jpg (278351 bytes)
tl05.jpg (274283 bytes)
Media Center with 52" TV and 7.1 surround sound
tl07.jpg (294592 bytes)
Custom-made baluster to match the wine gate
tl08.jpg (339039 bytes)
Pinball - a classic!
tl09.jpg (267599 bytes)
Foosball - fun!
tl10.jpg (220810 bytes)
Storage under the steps
tl11.jpg (284511 bytes)
black and cherry pool table with ball and claw legs
Walkout to the fire pit in he background
tl12.jpg (333445 bytes)
Custom built stone bar with heated Italian tile floor, under lighting, black granite countertops
tl14.jpg (317351 bytes)
cherry stained corbels
tl15.jpg (316190 bytes)
Stone wine cellar with hand-forged wine gate
tl16.jpg (311601 bytes)
with white wine chiller and Magnum bottles on the bottom and hand selected bottles on the top
tl17.jpg (325829 bytes)
custom-made wine rack surrounds the yard of ale with the old world European stucco on the walls
tl18.jpg (333940 bytes)
lit liquor bottles
tl19.jpg (311789 bytes)
commercial grade ice maker, beverage center, custom sink with disposal, dish washer, cherry cabinets
tl20.jpg (239885 bytes)
TV #2 behind the bar, with pub dartboard
tl22.jpg (286745 bytes)
more storage, lots of storage
tl23.jpg (278293 bytes)
Exercise room with TV #3 and Elliptical
tl24.jpg (294331 bytes)
Free weights, mirrored wall, imported cork flooring from Portugal
tl25.jpg (251334 bytes)
Extra tall European seamless glass and marble shower
tl26.jpg (259155 bytes)
Black and Cherry to match the rest of the cabinets
tl27.jpg (316034 bytes)
Lauren, Tommy, and me after a Raspberry Lemon drop Martini
tl28.jpg (306253 bytes)
The 36" 500,000 btu, Red Dragon propane torch. The only way to start a fire... in under 8 seconds!
firepittiki2.jpg (120133 bytes)
Fire pit at night
firepittiki.jpg (112942 bytes)
Fire Pit w/backlighting
flamethrower1.jpg (95630 bytes)
Flame Thrower
flamethrower2.jpg (59736 bytes)
Start the Madness



Copyright ©2001-2006 Scott Quinn